About Us

who we are |

 Image Church is a non-denominational Calvary Chapel Church. Our mother church is Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa located in Southern California (https://www.calvarychapelcostamesa.com) and we are part of a rich community of other Gospel centered churches as we are part of the Calvary Global Network (CGN) https://calvaryglobalnetwork.com.

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our vision |

Discover why you were created! 

our Mission |

You were created for relationship with God (Our Worship)
You were created for connection (Our Community)
You were created to become like Christ (Our Growth)
You were created to make a difference (Our Service)
You were created to reflect God’s image before a watching world (Our Outreach)

This is how we glorify God. Through worship, community, growth, service, and outreach!

our Values |

Values define what’s important to us. What makes us unique. Distinct, so to speak. While we aspire to exhibit many more values, we in fact can only actualize a few at a time. That said, our 2021 focus will be to turn three aspired values into our actual values before moving onto implement other values in the future. Here are our 2021 aspired values:

  1. Multi-ethnic worship
  2. Mental-health ministry
  3. Apologetic and worldview training
  4. Prayer

Church planting is an example of another future aspired value that IMAGE CHURCH has

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our practices |

  1. Expositional teaching/preaching of God’s Word
  2. Equipping Marriages and families 
  3. Leveraging people’s stories through storytelling 
  4. Capturing truth through the arts/culture
  5. Valuing generosity so we can help the least of these
  6. Making disciples who make disciples
  7. Living by faith (Hebrews 11:6)
  8. Prayerful and spiritual sensitivity (“House of prayer” “live by the Spirit”)

our confession |

We believe God is Triune, that Scripture is our final authority, that Jesus is God incarnate, that humans are sinful and in need of redemption, that humans can only be reconciled to God by grace through faith, that Jesus is our redeemer who atoned for our sins on the cross, that Christ rose from the grave and is coming again in bodily form!